Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been in a big hurry. Wrote the first draft of my book in something like 19 working days and immediately pressed the wife for an edit so I could start the second draft. It occurred to me that in the aftermath I needed to have people that weren't my wife and I read the thing before I set about adding eight thousand words or so to it. I selected a handful of the most trusted and ethical people I know to read it, and sent out a PDF or handed out a physical copy. Now comes the part where I wait to the limit of my patience for some feedback before diving into the second draft.

What the hell do I do until then. I'm pretty patient I like to think. (shut up)

I did a couple of paintings on my iPad, and started the second edit. Diversionary but completely unsatisfying at this point without more practice and my feedback (respectively). Then it occurs to me, I could just start writing another book, or two. My RPG continues to roll to the bottom of my priorities list, even though it would probably take less than a week to finish the work.

Writing another book before I've even finished the process of publishing the first? Crazy talk. Having no understanding of my own process because I haven't refined it yet... makes me wonder if I'm going to second guess what's in the first book while writing stuff for the second book. Write a book outside the Dreams & Echoes world about something totally different. I have only a single idea for another book. More crazy talk?

Here I go again, another 19 days staring at my iMac while I try to tell another very long story.

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