Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Best Part

After writing almost 7500 words yesterday, I am still behind schedule. My brother Matthew reminded me that if we always met our goals, we would never be truly testing ourselves. I dismissed his words at the time because little would comfort me in my quest to feel bad about failing to meet a personal deadline.

In all, I'll have written a 75,000 word book in 25 days, including weekends. Regardless of my personal goals, that seems really fast. There is part of me that would deny myself the respite of a social life and concentrate on getting the whole of the Dreams & Echoes series written in less than a year.

The more I write, the easier it gets.

The problem is that my old Dungeons & Dragons books call to me. I have even contemplated running an old basic, circa 1977, table complete with awarding experience points for gold pieces recovered. My diversions provide me so much in the way of fuel for my creative endeavors.

Or maybe I should spend the month of June painting pictures to go at the head of each chapter of my book as a distraction from the tedium of editing. I already made a list of characters I would like to render in sketchbook pro, in my Things app, with my thumb.

The best thing about nearing the end of any project? Figuring out how to pass the time until you begin the next one.

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  1. I dig the new layout! :-)
    You are an amazing person...just wanted to let you know!
    And yes, your iPad is a Tech Envy Generator!

  2. Just remember to "sharpen the scythe"...

  3. Those stories where the writer cuts themselves off from the world to just practice their craft? I never understood the allure until now. It really would be cool to vanish for awhile and just make the books happen. Hard to run a Dungeons & Dragons table though.