Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have gotten some great feedback from a couple of folks on the first draft of my first D&E Book. I am so grateful to those who took the time out of their busy lives to aid me. Thank you.

The second draft should hopefully be done sometime before July 4th. Then comes the flurry of red pens, and reading and rereading the darn thing until it is as perfect as I can get it. I'll be glad when it is all over and the thing is finally published.

I am still uncertain as to how I'll actually get the thing to see print. Guess I'll worry about that when I actually have a product. I hate putting it off, but the more I read on the subject right now, the more conflicted I get. Part of me wants to just let someone else do the work and shop publishers.

Some part of me wants to be a publisher.

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