Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Update - June 2015

I struggle to update my blog. The last... seven weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of supershitstorm and awesomesauceexplosion. I feel like I'm still all broken inside, but it is amazing the ideas one has after being forced to lay on their back for... hours, that turned into days, that turned into weeks, that turned into omgwtfhelp. My house guests are gone, I'm back in town, and I feel like I absolutely have to get back out of town again soon.

I need to get back to Idaho. For a couple days. Maybe three.

Uroboros Saga Book 5 is off to my awesome proof reading peeps. They don't know it yet, but I'm arranging special surprises for each of those dutiful folks. Maybe signed copies of all five books, an elite nerd bag from my prestigious collection, or a totally banal gift card from Amazon. Something. I'm super grateful for the support I've gotten from everyone helping me produce my work.

My dev buddy and totally platonic life partner, Livestrom, has finally worked out the kinks for save/load for our game project, Earth Inclusive. I'm going back through the gigantic (it's really big) GDD and trying to find all the wrinkles and apply a heavy creative iron to it all. I'm excited to actually be able to play the game, just a little, and have my zero progress auto save. Nerd glee by the bucket.

I'm finally starting to feel well enough for some bike rides, the new house is slowly getting all it's broken fixed, and my psyche is slowly getting back to hard iron and angry.

Oh, and I've begun to actually look at my Dreams & Echoes project again. It's a huge thing I made back in 2009 and 2010. Huge. I need to turn it all into a gigantic neo-romantic post-apocalyptic epic that robs the reader of thirty hours to just read and attempt to comprehend the contents. The principle text is pretty great, but the story doesn't flow, has a million holes, and a ton of great dialogue I don't even want to touch.

Part of me wants to fix it, edit it, make a cover for it, and get it totally ready to go and then burn the manuscript and delete every file and image associated with it. It sounds really black and meaningless, but that's how I feel about it right now. Given the state I was in writing all that stuff, going back and fixing it feels like the last stage in a really long period of healing. Maybe, if I do the thing, I won't want to burn it?

Can't wait to find out. No edit, and publish in 3 2 1