Monday, October 20, 2014

Five Years, Sum Total

I started writing full time in September of 2009. I let the milestone blow by without giving it more than a gentle nod. I looked back at some of my old posts for some of that brutal introspection I used to talk about all the time. I love-hate reading my old posts, but they give me a lot of perspective I'm thankful for.

In five years, I've gained some things.

  • At will, I can sit down and just write. It doesn't matter what it is, I can sit down, and just go. 
  • I know who my friends are. More than that, they know who I am. 
  • The perspective that comes from having self-published three books. 
  • The experience of releasing our (Livestrom and I) first game for a mobile platform. 
  • More bags. 

In that same span, I've lost some things.

  • The false certitude my faith once gave me about the nature of all things. 
  • A great deal of personal darkness and anxiety about life.   
  • People. Circumstance and death have robbed me of a few. 
  • My spot in Idaho. Fortunately, Kansas is letting me crash on the couch.   
  • Many hair ties, and at least one pair of sandals.  

I wouldn't have gained anything without a few choice friends, family and allies. October also marked fifteen years of my wife and I being a couple. Success isn't measured in book sales or Twitter followers, but by the number of people with their hands at your back pushing you forward. The third book was the most difficult to produce, and would have been delayed some additional assistance.

Thanks Dad.

If you liked the layout, arrangement, and cover work for my books, rejoice. Red Couch Creative and I will be working together for a similar release schedule in 2015. There will likely be 2nd editions for Uroboros Saga 1 and 2, with new covers as well. Thanks for reading.