Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 2015

I've had thoughts of starting a new blog. Most of the reasons I started the blog was to reach out to certain goals and achievements as a writer, seek out milestones and roads to wander on. It feels like I've done a lot of that, and that I need to move on to building my own website or checking out something like Tumblr.

I'd like to change the tone and make my blog less personal and more about the crafting process I engage to make all my things.

Life Hacks For Writers

I Make Text

Word Craft & Pixel Smithing

I want a catchy title, something that is concise, but encompasses what I do.

Also, I want to start cooking again next year, and maybe do a cookbook.

Even saying that makes me feel old.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Self Promotion

Self promotion via the Internet is an interesting beast.

I've been playing on Twitter for about a month, a couple hours a day, to see if it is the social media option everyone seems to think it is. I've managed to quadruple my following in that time but I still have no clue how Twitter really works or the best method of using it for promotion. I would imagine it is like anything else, you have to buy advertising for it to be really useful.

I'm holding off on spending any money until I've got more product on the market. I wouldn't mind having six novellas for Uroboros Saga and maybe one of another series before I start giving the Internet my advertising dollar. Most people seem to think that if your book doesn't sell like crazy on the first day it is a failure. I don't think that selling your works on online works that way.

I think you'll have to give away a lot of free stuff, make a lot of product on a predictable schedule, and do all the free self promotion you can in the meantime. Being successful online as a content creator takes time and patience. All the people I look to for examples have been tirelessly giving the online community their talents for almost a decade and have probably starved a little in the process.

I've spend some time being discouraged with it all. Putting out even a single book is a lot of work and I know that some of what goes to the market isn't perfect because of the release schedule I keep. I think when I have more product out there, my audience will find me and see that I'm serious, I just have to keep my head down and make text. Fortunately, I don't lack for things I want to write about and producing content relative to ten or more Uroboros Saga books is very doable.

I'd like to hit my release schedule early, or at least produce the works for it so I can focus on other things. I'd like to get my dev partner @livestrom all he needs for assets to make Earth Inclusive feature complete. I'd like to write the text for my "A Boy Builds" book and maybe combine everything I've done for "Dreams & Echoes" into a single massive tome and make a bad ass cover for it. Also, producing a working version of Storytelling Sciences is still on my list.

2015 will be busy.