Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Stack

As I wrote the final words to my book, I felt a great rush of achievement. It is something I had for nine months sought out, researched, and taken careful steps to plan for. I knew that the preparation would be worth it in the end when I decided to sit down and write the darned thing.

67,978 words.

397 pages in Courier 12, double spaced.

25 Days, including weekends, almost a week behind the probably impossible schedule I set for myself.

I look forward to going through and beginning the process of editing. Knowing myself, the book will probably swell to the 75k words I had envisioned. It seems to be the nature of my mind to see the numbers in something clearly as it works itself out.

I am so glad to be on the other side of the hardest part of writing a book, just getting the story down on paper.


  1. Tried to think of something meaningful here. All that to came to mind is: Wow