Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taking Inventory

I've got a new book I'm simply calling the Amnesia Project for lack of a working title. I'm 10k words into it and already feeling like this is just me stretching my legs, but its fun to write when I lack the focus or concentration for more serious work. Watch, it'll be the thing that sells like crazy while my more serious work languishes. Way of the world.

The second draft for my first D&E novel is going slowly on purpose. I'm really enjoying the process of going through fixing my own work, adding in the small details, tweaking the dialogue, and so forth. It isn't like teaching a child you helped to create ride a bike or say their first words. It's more like teaching that child to fire a rifle, or just believe in themselves. The second draft seems to speak with more confidence than the first.

Went ahead and wrote 3k words on the second D&E novel after lunch, beginning with a narrative written by Precept. I like imagining I'm one of the characters in the story, writing as they would have written the story. Then, in the aftermath going back and writing it in a different narrative detailing the events as they actually occurred. I often wonder what it would be like to have the words as history wrote them in my hand, traveling back in time with me, to witness the actual event.

My RPG files managed to crawl back out onto my desktop as well and I've resolved to publish them for free PDF download from my website in the next couple of weeks.

Need to to blow off the dust on my Intuos4 and return to sketching for my web comic. I really like the internet as a medium and have totally fallen in love with the process. Even if I never get a web comic posted to my site, and the spot I set aside for it remains empty, I really enjoy the creative act of drawing. I should settle on a trio of main characters and get to work figuring out how I want them to look, write storyboards. I'll do that tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Pretty soon. Maybe.

Updated my website. I still need to lay out next months work in my Things App and in iCal. I've fallen a couple of weeks behind trying to work on my health and my sleep schedule. For some reason my body wants to sleep from 2 - 11 AM no matter what I do. Maybe I should quit fighting it and just work and sleep when my body wants so long as I stay on schedule? Dunno.

Tonight I'll be running the second table for my classic Dungeons and Dragons game. Rather than use my iPad to render and prepare everything like I do for my other tables, I've got completely pencil and paper. It is nice to know there are some things that should not be touched or tainted by technology and are best represented as it was intended. Yeah, there's at least one person using their iPhone to roll dice at the table, but it doesn't detract from my personal enjoyment of the game.

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