Saturday, September 18, 2010

Strange Days

I wish I was a tech psychic sometimes.

I watch the tech world like most people watch college sports teams. I root for the underdogs, keep score, and dream about ultimate match-ups. The sports world is full of paragons of physical ability that compete with each other similar to the way the big brains in the tech world do.

Points scored, sales made... it's always about money. Big money. It's why everyone watches these things I suppose.

The landscape of the tech world is shifting more quickly than people can keep up. Even spending an hour a day reading several tech blogs, sites, and other sources of information, I'm generally overwhelmed by the speed at which things change. Everyone in the business is rushing forward to a destination no one can describe or conceive of.

Asus puts as many devices out as it can trying to drown the competition with an endless sea of products.

Apple controls their destiny with a fist so tight, they bleed on their own blueprints as they pen them.

Microsoft has gone from distribution bully to awkward underdog in the mobile market, and a little childish in the process.

Nokia has the hardware to play in the big mobile market, but that's all they have.

The list is long. What is clear, none of them... including Apple, were ready for 2010. I'm excited for 2011. I feel like I'm sitting on top of the world, and a thousand tech companies are in a championship for my consumer dollars like never before.

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