Sunday, February 28, 2010

Difficult Decisions

I feel as though I'm facing a lot of difficult decision in the next thirty days but one has occupied my thoughts more than any other. What sort of case will I buy to protect my iPad once I've gotten it?

SFBags/Waterfield Designs has a couple of great sleeves or protectors. However, these just protect the iPad for transit.

Hard Candy Cases has no less than five options. Each allows the case to remain on the iPad while it is in use. They are however very colorful and do little to disguise the device for what it is.

Long Live Books has a clever hard case that looks like a book with custom text options and so forth. Unfortunately it looks to have quite a bit of velcro, and it requires that the device be removed from the cover for use.

iLuv has several colorful options iHate.

Timbuk2 and Scosche are rumored to be putting together iPad cases but they have almost unnavigable websites. I can't tell if they have what I want or not.

BBP will likely have a sleeve, but not a case per se.

Belkin, Targus, Incase and the rest of the low-cost crew will also probably put out their own version but no one has what I want it seems.

I want something that:

1. Will open and close, closely resembling a regular book or notebad.
2. Allows me to use the iPad without removing it from the sleeve/cover.
3. Completely free of buttons, snaps, velcro, clasps, etc.

The only thing that's close is the case Apple is putting out. I guess I could do like I did with text books in Junior High and make my own out of a brown paper sack.


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