Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waking Up Early

It's almost 7:00 AM, had some good sleep and I'm feeling confident after finally breaking through a barrier with my Dreamweaver Program yesterday. A friend pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and I got frustrated, elated, frustrated some more, and finally arrived. Learning new things is painful, almost like you're drilling new tunnels in your brain for the information to flow with everything else you're trying to do. I really do want to learn and understand all the new programs I've acquired over the last four months. Put them to good use.

Life is full of so many distractions. Some of them are worthy of us, while others only draw us from our life's work. Sorting these things out has been easier lately. My wife has been a slave to her ambition, tirelessly seeking out her goals. I'd be a lot further down the road if I had pushed myself similarly, but I utterly lack her mental stamina. Many of my friends are making large changes to their lives, positive and otherwise. Change is always good, it signals the arrival of consequences. Whether they are favorable or otherwise is a matter of Justice.

All of this really makes me want to simplify my life and minimize the pieces of my personal stewardship that I don't need. I miss renting sometimes because there was no yard or home maintenance to deal with. If something broke, I made a phone call and someone else came to fix it on their dime. I know more than a few people who would love to have their own home. While it was never something my wife and I actively sought, as an investment opportunity, it wasn't to be passed up. So many things have been possible because of that decision.

Think I'm gonna walk to Perkins, get me a small breakfast and make some more notes out of my books before I hit it hard today.

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