Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreams Vivid

It was a busy day. I got up at 6:30, did some restructuring to my office, made breakfast, and hung out with my brother. Did a little work, got tired and decided to grab a nap. I had this dream...

I was a Guild Assassin, a character design from my cheesy Sci-fi setting I'd been messing with. I could feel wires running through my forearms and up into my head. It became clear quickly I'd been enhanced with a VR Chip. It would receive data wirelessly and render it in my mind using my optical nerves. I could see data incoming, but it was all in a sort of visual metaphor. Mission parameters would manifest like a house being built around me, the information springing up inside picture frames and as part of the flooring.

That's when I got attacked. It was a virus of some kind, nano-tech was my gut feeling. In my mind's eye, my VR chip rendered as a small 1-year-old baby. It started beating the hell out of me until I got past the fact it was a child. A cunning countermeasure against defense, making the virus appear as the most defenseless and innocent thing. Once subdued, the nano-tech nightmare baby gave me a razor blade kite which was a sort of missive, a veiled warning.

I went quickly to a dockside cafe, wandering through broken and dirty streets in a city so large it defied description. The cafe was by the ocean, perfect and blue. It was run by my wife Liz, but she acted like she didn't know me. My old friend Rob Sturgeon and Tara M were sitting waiting for me. I shuffled past the robots which were thinly veiled by holographic images making them look like waitstaff. The windows wavered with their own holographic images, mostly advertisements. Because I had a VR chip I could reach out and feel the programmed tactile data through the wires in my hands. I could literally feel the hardness of the rocks in the gravel service ad, and the little fuzzy bear and blanket in the fabric softener ad.

Tara and Rob told me the Corporate Conglomerate was cracking down and they had arranged to dredge the river inlet. My VR chip clicked on replaying ever mission I'd undertaken where I'd ditched weapons in the river. Each incident instantly replaying in my mind. I had to disrupt the dredging somehow so told my associates what I intended to do and left. Tara vanished from my view but I could still sense her and Rob through a satellite image coming through my VR chip, up to a certain range... then they were gone.

Decided I needed a car so I headed into a more residential area. Took a shot at a school teacher about to get into her car. She didn't scare but asked me if I needed a car. I nodded and stepped from cover... that's when she started shooting at me. All hell broke loose, and undercover Conglomerate Agents burst out of alleys and parked cars from all over the place. I dove into the back of a passing truck and was getting ready to commandeer it...

That's when Liz woke me up.

My next book project is born.


  1. Wow, that's pretty intense. Much more thrilling than the time I dreamt I was a tall, black woman. (No, really.) In my dream I had this amazing ability to vibrate the molecular components of my being to the point that I could temporarily, and without damage, enter and inhabit other people's bodies. I don't recall all of the detail (one of the disadvantages of not writing it down immediately upon waking) but I remember I ended up in the form of a muscular Amazon-like female a la Venus Williams. Funny where our dreams take us. In daylight hours I would sometimes fantasize about borrowing Michael Jordan's tuned physique for a game or two . . . in slumber, I end up with an entirely different frame . . . one I had no idea what to do with. And not even a book project, maybe a short story, but still an experience both vivid and strange. Your experience sounds more exciting . . . an action film I wouldn't mind seeing.

  2. My dreams have always been a source of inspiration. Sometimes I think my subconscious is far more intelligent and agile when compared with my conscious mind. My dreams almost don't seem like my own. The fall of the Tenebrion, the Clockworks of Oblivion over the Red Wastes, and the Primordial Quintessences... all elements of my Dreams & Echoes world... all experienced in my dreams... in sometimes too vivid detail.