Friday, February 5, 2010


I've had a really good time being out of town, roaming around, spending time away from my home/workplace. More than that, I'm really glad I brought my tablet. It has been everything I thought it would be. For anyone who draws they really are a boon.

Your hand is effectively invisible relative to what you're drawing on the screen so it doesn't get in your way. Also, for someone who draws right to left, right-handed, it cuts down on the clean up work associated with smudging your own drawing. It also illuminates the scanning it into your computer step. I've been using Sketchbook Pro exclusively so far, but I've got other options to try out.

The Modbook and Wacom Cintiq tablets are keen devices, but they wouldn't provide me the same benefits as my Intuos4 Tablet for hundreds of dollars less. Both of the Chitterling Drawings, as well as almost everything else I do, was done with my Wacom.
The first Chitterling I drew - two-armed no less.

I've probably written only a couple pages a day on average while I've been away, but the work feels good. I needed this Chitterling Book as much as I probably needed a vacation. The world building for the Creeps and Humans of Dreams & Echoes is important, even vital to the novels I've begun writing and doing the outlines for. The Chitterlings have always just been apart of the tapestry, something laying in the background.

In that, I envy them.

From the Chitterling Book:

Chitterling Terms and Language

Chitterlings generally communicate amongst themselves with clicks and whistles at an extremely fast rate of speed rarely making words. However, they do have a limited number of terms they use when in the presence of outsiders to make themselves understood. Because Chitterlings have a difficult time speaking other languages, most of what they say sounds something like baby-talk. This does nothing to dispel the illusion that they are simple and harmless creatures.

Arm-Arm - A weapon or other implement of war.

Basalta - A building, often used to describe Reliquaries or other structures.

Basher - A warrior or soldier.

Buggy - Used to describe something solid or reliable. Often used to describe someone who is tenacious or courageous.

Eatums - Good food or drink, often used while eyeing someone else’s covetously.

Eth-rells - This is what Chitterlings call Etherealites.

Gehrz-Gud - A machine or mechanical device that a chitterling can use.

Hexxorz - Members of the 6th House, Stygian Relics, or Marionettes.

Humies - The term Chitterlings use to refer to Humans.

Lurb-Low - A term used by Chitterlings meaning that someone is their enemy or that they do not like. Often the Chitterling will click angrily gesturing to whatever they dislike before employing this term.

Quee-Quee - Often uttered when a Chitterling is referring to a loved one. The term is frequently combined with a hug.

Numies - The term Chitterlings use to refer to Shades.

Tonks - A tool or contrivance of artifice.

Toobums - A tunnel or underground road used by Chitterlings.

Voichers - The term is used to refer to Void Chitterers or alternatively when referring to a Traitor.

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