Thursday, April 29, 2010


I wish I was like a chameleon, disappearing into the background at will.

It's been a sad few days. There is really no silver lining either, and certainly nothing in the way of introspection. I think it is the gift that comes with age, being able to quickly absorb the blows that life throws at us and move on. What little I understand of the events persistent around me grants nothing in the way of wisdom.

To endure sometimes means admitting you are powerless against the forces working against you. That humility can grant a measure of peace, if felt in ernest. What continually doesn't seem to factor, is all of what I do to pass the time between my work, the moments when I play, and everything in between.

My wife wants to take on a mixed emphasis when she seeks her masters degree over the next couple of years. Becoming truly computer savvy requires a genuine love of the medium, of programming, and mastering technology. She's worried she isn't smart enough to conquer these things. In every programmer I've met, perseverance counts for something. Brains help.

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