Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Working, waiting and the iPad

It takes a little hunting around to find pictures I edited with Photogene, there was a small battle getting the wireless to stabilize, and there's some trouble with apps going from landscape to portrait. Otherwise working mobile with the iPad is not that different from my laptop. Most of the apps work with only a few glitches. I really expected to set the thing down for two weeks waiting for a firmware update, generally the fate of any early adopter.

The bluetooth keyboard works like a charm. The function + delete option doesn't seem to work, but all my other shortcuts seem intact. Working and playing on the thing is exactly like the rush I got using my first laptop. The games are buggy and fun, typing on it is its own learning curve, fuel for the brain. I really like the way Frank Sinatra and my Norwegian Death Jazz sounds on the speaker. Melodic Thrash sounds decent on the speaker, while Death Metal sounds tinny and washed out.

Took yesterday off with the wife, and plan to work Saturday. So far I've started the week off right with a few pages to my book and some notes for my RPG. I have some graphics to draw this week for Vinnie and my Dad that'll break up the monotony of text. Gonna be a good week I think.

-- Post From My iPad

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