Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple's iPhone OS Event

I own many devices made by Apple, and each one has been of great value to my work. I really (really) like my iPad.

I love/hate iPhone OS 4.

Multitasking - Meh

Now your friends can use social networking apps to track you, just like big brother... all running in the back ground while you shop for new flavors of Kool-Aid.

Folders - Hurrah!


Enhanced Mail - Um... yay?

I like the mail client as is, and the proposed changes look stupid.

iBooks - Everyone knew that was coming.

Uh huh.

Enterprise Options - Hurrah!

Anything that makes mobile devices more mainstream and widely used, I'm generally a fan of.

Game Kit - Meh

Like xBox live, I could care less how my gaming skills compare to the rest of the people on the network, and no I don't want to chat with other gamers... unless we're around a table rolling dice.

iAd - iHate

I get that developers are already doing this badly and that Steve Jobs agrees the manner in which it is currently handled sucks. I give Apple Inc. an A for effort trying to polish the turd that is in-app advertisements, but a turd... is still a turd. If I click one of my productivity apps, even once, and I get an advert... the damned thing is gonna get sold on eBay faster than you can say "Asus Tablet with the Android OS."

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