Monday, April 19, 2010

Difficult Decisions

The closer I get to actually rendering my first book using InDesign, the more I realize I'll have to shut down some of my other activities and go into partial hermit mode. The time required to take 300 pages and convert to ePub on my own seems from all indication something that'll span three to four weeks, disrupting my table schedule among other things. I'm sure everyone will understand my reasons, it isn't that I worry about.

I really enjoy my RPG tables.

I can't wait to actually register the copyright on my first book, and have some print off. Smashwords or Lulu will probably be the avenue I take getting my book on iBooks, BN, and Amazon... need to do a little more research on which avenue will be best. Think I'll wait till I actually have a completed 'best works' manuscript before I worry too much about that stuff.

The world is a sunny place today. Think I'll ride my bike.

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