Monday, January 4, 2010

Grubbs & Nippy Concept Artwork

Oh my. Dave Cortie suggested that I take a break writing and draw something. I'm no Elle Phillips or Dave C. in the art department but I wanted to grant myself a clearer picture of what Grubbs and Nippy look like.

[Click the Picture if you can't make out the detail on your screen, it'll pop up larger in the browser.]

Grubbs was a Sheepdog (Police Officer) before he was touched by the Tenebrion during an Inquisition. I wanted him to be a hybrid of what the Police in the Cities of Light and the Creeps of the Creperum look like. I also wanted him to look somewhat heroic at Nippy's (who loves comic books) direction. I drew him with his hands closed because he's somewhat embarrassed about the clawed nature of his hands.

Nippy I wanted to look somewhat demure, almost shy. He's self conscious about his decidedly demonic appearance and does what he can to hide the way he looks. I wanted him to be small as compared to Grubbs who is pushing seven feet tall. Nippy is a mean 30" (including his little horns) plus and a fighter when he has to be so I didn't want him to appear too delicate. Nippy has jaws powerful enough to bite through steel chains but I didn't want to showcase his chompers too much.

I'll have to do something funny for Nippy to show off his teeth. Maybe draw him about to take a bite of a cookie or something. n_n


  1. I hope Grubbs ends up with a six point star.

  2. Yeah, probably a good idea. I gave some thought to the badge and went with five to represent the Primordial Quintessences, Life, Death, Light, Shadow, and Void who are all influences in the darkened world. I'm somewhat remorseful having done that because it makes the badge look more like a toy that way.

  3. Naw...Five points makes sense with meaning you describe attached. Maybe add a ring like the Texas rangers or Chicago PD....

  4. I.S.P. and Ada County both use five point stars. I was just being selfish as 6 is what we use. Five makes more sense...

  5. Heh, either way, what did you think of the picture? Is it remotely as you pictured them? I think I've somewhat missed the mark rereading all I've written about them. I think I'm going to try some different ideas I had and get feedback before I settle on a 'look' for these two.

  6. I am glad that were able to find focus in your work and translate onto a different medium. The actual exorcise was as you figured it: to come at your ideas from a different angle. It may have not been the quality or exactly what you wanted to draw, but I hope that it provided an opening for you to explore your work differently.

    For once you were not concentrating on words words words. And, perhaps, you were just concentrating on lines lines lines. If these ever fail you, I hope you never have to resort to notes notes notes. This can prove embarrassing sometimes, but I have some interesting songs about my characters and story... interesting indeed...