Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad vs. Sony Daily Edition

What I've been waiting for has happened. Apple announced their new device and the time has come to make a decision about an eReader. Previously, the Sony Daily edition was the contender and I probably should hold them up next to each other and see if one comes out the clear choice.


Sony DE $579.97 w/ 32GB Flash Memory
Apple iPad $699.99 w/ 64GB Flash Memory

Sony appears to have a slight advantage in this department. Let's see what I'm getting for my money though.


Sony DE 7" 600 x 1024 Monochrome e-Ink
Apple iPad 9.7" 1024 x 760 IPS LED-backlit Full Color


Sony DE G3 for free, for downloading product only
Apple iPad Wi-Fi 802.11n, and G3 Capable (affordable data plan!), Bluetooth 2.1

Extras (The stuff that interests me):

Sony DE

Built in Dictionary
Free Hand Highlighting & Annotation.
Battery Life: 7 days normal usage

Apple iPad

Access to 140k Apps from the Apple Store
SDK release allowing for iPad specific Apps from 3rd Parties
Syncs with my iTunes Library (Music, TV Shows, Movies)
Plays/Displays everything in my iTunes Library in full color
Photo App syncs with my iPhoto Library
Runs iWorks app (!!!) (Individually or all 3)
Built in Calendar, Contacts, Location/Map, Note Taking Apps
iBook App making it a full color eReader
Safari for web-browsing
Mail for email
Search App for finding stuff stored on iPad
SD Card Reader Accessory
Keyboard Dock Combination Accessory
10 Hours of Battery Life (decoding HD video the whole time)

The Apple iPad loses in the price category. However, would I pay an extra $120.00 for all the other things it would allow me to do? Without a doubt. I've already waited more than three months, what's another 60 days until Apple starts shipping their iPad? Honestly? It'll feel like a lifetime, that's how excited I am.

It's literally like Apple was reading my mind. No, I didn't get my etched OLED screen, but I was half joking anyway. It would have made the darn thing $1500! Also, the thing has NO CAMERA! An absolutely brilliant move... if I'd seen someone holding one of these things up while asking a friend to say cheese, I'd literally have throw a 9.8 category nerd fit. The thought made my pocket protector itch. It's bluetooth capable, just snap the damn picture with the camera phone (everyone already carries) and upload it via Bluetooth to the iPad.

iWorks for iPad? Brilliant move. It also has a docking port to VGA adapter allowing you to plug the thing right into a projector.

Apple has literally thought of everything.


  1. Well said as always! And I'm sure you've noted it, but this is something that had me very excited: with the updated version of iWorks on iPad, it can import existing documents from a variety of formats, including (but not limited to) Word, Excel, PDF and others. A most excellent move, making this device truly for anyone.

    I am also extremely excited because the iPad is a great solution for my kids, as well as my wallet:
    On road trips I can put a movie on for my kids to watch (eliminating the need for a portable DVD player), or I can download some "Learn To Read" apps for them to use (a full-color screen make this more interesting for young readers).
    I can use the iPad as an e-reader for myself (eliminating the need to purchase a separate e-reading device).
    I've been on the lookout for a new wifi-capable phone for those days when I leave my office and want to check email, so there's another (more expensive) device I can eliminate... especially since the only Verizon phones that come with wifi require an extra $30/m data plan, which I'm not especially willing to pay.
    I was considering purchasing a laptop so I could casually write articles or jot down notes outside of my office... but now? Eliminated. Everything I've been wanting, all in one device, for roughly a third of what I would have paid to purchase everything separately.

    Apple, thank you. Great article, Art. :)

  2. Since you covered all of the important stuff, I will counter with my iPhone-size review.

    1. Shiny.

    2. Thin.

    3. Must have.

    Sent from my iPad (the one dancing in my head).

  3. Right-right!

    True! Given the sheer number of formats viewable just in their Mail App, it stands to reason the iWorks App would have the similar abilities. I was considering getting my wife her own Macbook, but now we can just share between the one I have, and an iPad. I don't think this device would suit everyone but for folks in our situations, it is ideal.

    I don't have kids, but for people who do, these might be an attractive option for road trips. I just wish I had one before I left for vacation on the 1st.