Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple Tablet Anticipation/Anxiety

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Not since I was in the 3rd grade did I hold such anticipation for a technological device. I remember my first techno-crush, the original Nintendo Gaming System. I had high expectations, and a long list of expectations.

1. It would allow me to play Super Mario Bros. on my TV.
2. It would make me the envy of the neighborhood, and I could talk with the other technologically savvy kids on the playground with authority.

Now with less than a few days later, I'm feeling that same childish glee in anticipation of Apple's Tablet device. I've read through every website I could find that carries rumors on Apple's products and I've heard a number of very good things. I've also heard some things that would be likely deal breakers for me.

1. It needs to be Wi-Fi (2.5 ghz will do) and Bluetooth 2.0 capable.

There is talk of making it 3G capable, like the iPhone. Depending on how they handle it this could be a really good thing. If I can use it for free to download ePubs allowing my tablet to double as an eReader, that'd be great. If they handle it like they did with the iPhone, not a snowballs chance in hell. Telling me I gotta pay $30 bucks a month for a data plan for 3G internet access on a Wi-Fi capable device is insulting to my intelligence. They told me the iPhone was an iPod touch that made phone calls, they didn't tell me it robbed me blind at the same time.

2. I'd like the option of a lightly etched glass oLED screen that's 10" or larger. Yep, I'd pay extra.

I've heard the tablet will have an aluminum case with a glass screen. This would look really slick, but it would seriously hamper the ability of the device to find Wi-Fi signals. The logo on the Macbook Pro are plastic for a reason. The logo on the iMac seem to be the same way. For a Tablet device this presents a unique problem. It needs to have a bit of plastic on it somewhere, probably on the back. A plastic Apple Logo on the back of the device would get scratched all to hell as yuppies passed it back and forth across the table at the coffee shop. Can't have that. I gotta wonder how Apple is gonna handle the situation without making the device ugly.

3. I'd like to see Apple take a stab at a multi-touch capable version of iWorks.

There has been rumors of one in the works. Yep, I'm a big dork and I want to be able to view, alter, and add to Pages documents on my tablet device. I would put up with a lot of crapola on other fronts if this was the case. Yeah, I'd like the option to work from a bluetooth keyboard if I took it on the road.

4. Ports, top and side?

Say I want to use the device while it's charging? I'd like to be able to plug it (headphones, etc) in while holding it in either portrait or landscape depending on what I'm doing without the cords getting in my way. Given Apple's propensity for simplicity, I doubt this would happen, but you gotta wonder if they've even thought about it. If they did do it, I'd probably complain later about too many ports.

5. 7+ Hours Battery Life

As thin as this device is, it'd be hard to get that kind of time with active use. The newer chips and screens are supposed to be really energy efficient though, making me think such a thing might be possible.

There's rumors of front facing cameras and other extras that would make the device nice, but more than anything, I'm waiting for something smaller than my laptop but just as useable. Guess I'll have some more answers in 4 days, 17 hours, 9 minutes... not that I'm keeping track or anything.

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