Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meanwhile... back at CIA headquarters

Finally decided on which iMac I was going to get.

At first, I wanted the fastest 21.5" they made.

Then I wanted a 27" i7 Quad-Core.

Then I wanted a 24" refurbished iMac.

I agonized about which one to get.

Then I went and got the fastest 21.5" they make currently.

The three monitor set up is cool, but my G5 iMac might have to find itself a new home. I'm sure someone can think of a better use than just using it to watch streaming Netflix video.

Maybe set it up as a server, or a workstation for the wife, or something. I can think of worse problems to have.


  1. Really, Let me know if you want help server-ing it. Since my latest apple kick I've been looking for a chance to mess with apple stuff I don't know. And it's not hard getting free apple softwares.

  2. Cool, I'll let you know if I decide to go with the server option. Thanks mang.