Thursday, December 17, 2009

Building a real Eldercog Conduit

I have two great loves.

1. Writing
2. Computer Technology

I've been looking long and hard at the Mac OS Server and the many things it would allow me to do.

- My own email server for use by myself, friends, and family.
- I could create a Wiki for Dreams & Echoes.
- Host that webpage I always wanted to create.
- VPN my resources from anywhere and have my data and works centrally located.
- Set up a way for all my collaborators to view and contribute to ongoing works remotely.
- Host Podcasts, iChat, and so forth.
- Provide my home network that added level of security.

The new server even has iPhone support so all my friends who have them could access resources on the server. I could put together an Address Book server for the family, gathering everyone's contact information so people could get in contact with each other easier.

I need to do some more research.

- I need to figure out if Windows machines will play nice with key elements of the server.
- How user friendly the Mac Server software is. Will I figure things out in two months or two years?
- Whether the machine I'm thinking of using will support the server traffic I'm thinking I'll encounter.


  1. What a great idea! I hope Santa brings me an iPhone so I can join in! Heh...

    Seriously, this is an awesome idea and I hope it works out for you. :-) If I had some geeky knowledge, I would offer to help.

  2. The more I read up on it, the more I think you wouldn't need an iPhone, or even a Mac to take advantage of most of what the Server would offer. The only thing I worry about... even as fast as my Internet Connection is, would it be able to handle traffic load from say, 25 remote users?

    Time will tell.