Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chalk Outlines & Hose Water

Got a haircut today. Amazing what actually giving a damn about your personal appearance can do for your self-esteem and general mental health. It made me happy, which made my wife happy, which made me happy. It's strange how one little thing can make you delirious and goofy.

I think I had been mourning all this time for Darrell. I knew it would take someone special to replace him.

All the same I returned home and accomplished little today. Got a new laptop bag (a Crumpler no less) because BBP has been dragging their feet on the new merchandise. The Crumpler has a no frills top flap upon which I can sew my Swedish flag, and my band patches. Not the cheesy ones though... those I'm saving for my sacred work coveralls.

Met with my Apotheosis table, got chinese food in the aftermath and returned home to stare at the computer screen until 3 AM. I think tomorrow will be an upkeep day and I'll hit the writing fresh on Monday... try to put it out of my head in the meantime and do something I haven't done for awhile.



  1. Relaxation is good for the body, heart, mind and should do it more often!!!

  2. Darrell is missed by many. I haven't found anyone else. I will have to tell the story of your first visit on my blog.