Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laying Hands on the iPad 2

Went down to my local MacLife Store to lay hands on the new iPad 2. If you don't already have an iPad and you are wavering on details, just go buy one. It's pretty much as advertised, five stars, etc. What follows is for folks who have owned the iPad 1 for the last year and contemplating trading up.

Going to knit-pick a little here.

Viewing it from the front, the buttons are indeed invisible. They fall on the sloping edges on the way to the flat back of the device. The slope comes to a rounded bull-nosed edge. I hate to say it, but even being 33% heavier (~0.2 lb.!), my iPad 1 is more comfortable to hold in my hands due to the flat edge about it's perimeter. Now, I didn't get to hold one that had the smart cover which could completely change my opinion. Really wish the floor models had been equipped with the cover.

Maybe the Apple Store in the Mall has floor models with smart covers? Not sure it's worth the trip. I find the Mall and the staff at the Apple Retail Stores irritating. I could write a thousand words for my blog on that.

Thinking out loud.

Yes, the device is snappier for anything that is graphics intense and I'm willing to bet you can have more layers in Sketchbook Pro before it crashes on you. For content creation the bump in speed might be worth trading up. In the latter part of 2010, I used my iPad for a lot of front end textual and visual creation. Now that I'm at the back end of so many projects, my MacBook Air is the device of choice. In a couple months, it'll flip flop again.

That's when I'll probably have to contemplate upgrading.

Conclusions. More of the same.

If you already have an iPad 1, and use it primarily to consume media, email, web content and similar. I'd probably stick with it. If you use your iPad 1 as part of your workflow, the iPad 2 might be worth some consideration for the speed increase. Especially if you use your iPad to create visuals and poke pixels in the low to medium resolutions.

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