Thursday, March 3, 2011

The iPad 2, why I won't be getting one.

From the best "iPad 2 hands on" article I could find from the good-good folks at Ars Technica - "The several Apple reps that we spoke with in the briefing area were not willing to give up details about how much RAM the device has; one representative said that those details "aren't important" and that the company would rather keep that under wraps to focus attention on the new A5 processor instead."

Oh really? Apple, allow me to retort.

Let's assume that one of your users is a writer who regularly generates anywhere from 3000 to 5000 words daily in his eternal quest to be a better writer and uses his iPad as an essential part of his workflow. THAT USER has an iPad that he often reaches for to make tweaks and edits to sizable (75,000 words plus) works, in the middle of the night, on the go or hanging upside down. For the most part THAT USER's original iPad performs that duty admirably, even if it takes a few moments to render those documents.

To that end, THAT USER is regularly cutting and pasting large quantities of text, graphics and similar between various apps to create and edit his works and projects. THAT USER's iPad is his sketchbook, notepad and even a place to refine and finish textual and visual works on the go. THAT USER can't sit at his desk for eight hours straight and sometimes needs to sit in a coffee shop, under a tree or out in the urbanscape to garner the needed inspiration.

THAT USER's iPad is important. Would THAT USER want to know the amount of RAM the iPad 2 had relative to making the choice to trade up?

Yes, of course he would.

Apple's decision to play games with my (and my wife's) iTunes Account was frustrating. The lackluster customer service I've received them from the past was disheartening. Prevaricating with me on a device that is important to my workflow?

Too. Far.

Microsoft. Courier Device. Now. (*Dreaming*)