Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Head Down

Thinking out loud. Disregard unless you like visiting the frantic portion of my brain.

The next six weeks will be much the way January was. Busy.

I'm writing two novels, three game books, and one novella as of this moment and still trying to find the time to poke pixels for my WP7 endeavor. I've had to clear my schedule and just decide that the text was going to get generated. My latest game book has 19,000 words so far and my two novels have outlines and the first few hundred words of their first chapters. The Novella would be just mist in my mind if not for a previous 16,000 word document I generated to establish the premise for a separate but related project.

It's only Wednesday. I still have five weeks or so to pull this all together. Just gotta keep my head down and my fingers moving. The novella should be easy. I just need to keep telling myself that.

The two novels are not going to be easy. Completely separate worlds, narratives and character structures. I literally have to shift gears and work completely different mental muscles to write them. Thankfully, one of the two needs a lot more research done. It's an excuse to stretch my legs and visit the libraries within walking distance of my home.

The game books won't be hard. I've been generating the text for fifteen months, and it's all sitting in plain text format waiting to be moved over into a shiny final form. Some of the text goes back to 2006, but was never intended to be consumed by anyone but me and my play test folks. That stuff will have to be rewritten for my purposes. Yeah, never thought I would decide to try and market SS.

How fluidly our values can change.

Hopefully, before my birthday, I can look back at this blog post, then turn and nod approvingly at the finished works sitting beside me at my desk.


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