Monday, October 25, 2010

Old Road, New Perspective

I keep glancing over at the two books I've written and wondering when I'm going to get around to finishing the second draft on either one. I've got plenty of other projects that might yield fruit to work on, but writing novels has always been my focus. I didn't realize what was holding me back until last night.


Before committing to writing a second draft on either one, I'd like to write several more first drafts. I have a lot of ideas for books and part of me wants to explore each one before I decide which one to take to the next level. When it comes to writing I'd put myself in the talented novice category. I think putting some more of my ideas on paper will give me some much needed practice as well.

You can never have too much perspective.

I keep circling back to my Storytelling Sciences project. It has been within the confines of that project most of my literary works, written or merely envisioned, have been birthed. I really need to finish that project as well. Going on six years of my life perfecting that table top RP system making sure it did more than simply entertain.

Here's to finishing things.

Using that format to design and world build has been more than just rewarding, it was a lot of fun too. I need to take it a step further and have a product running parallel to my primary works. Something that defines the process behind the process.

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