Friday, October 8, 2010

Things We Tell Ourselves

We all have a litany of things we tell ourselves, every day, to keep going forward. I stopped to gaze at my own list of things. We each act as a point of resonance for so many words. The things our parents told us, the quiet prayers we utter when we are in trouble, and doesn't everyone have a catchphrase?

Often it is a single word that prods us into acting. I think its easier to describe why you should call your mom than imparting the importance of brushing your teeth.

When I strip away all the things designed to delay remorse, fulfill earthy obligation, and appease the celestially intangible... little remains. Gathering those few things into a list was revealing. It makes me wonder what everyone else's list looks like.

Justice. I can see why some believe it exists without Gods or man. When we see it, no words are needed to describe it. People try to fetter it with temporal and eternal consequences, dress it up, and quantify it as a principle given form by words. Truly, it needs none of these things to exist. Even if mankind was wiped from the globe and the heavens were shattered, there would still be Justice.

Love. People use it as an excuse to define their behavior. They claim it as a strength, a weakness, a reason, and something you can find or lose. Like a sock or a pocket watch. Only very rarely have I seen it described for what it really is, and in each of those those instances... there were no words spoken.

Purpose. We all have one whether we choose to seek it, create words to quantify it, or deny it. It is inviolable, one of only a few facets that truly define a person, inescapable, and ever changing. Your purpose could change just by walking into another room, and yet you always have one... even if it is just to stand as a warning to others.

Everything else feels dispensable or contrived. There are the little things I whisper under my breath to muster motivation. Also, the silent prayers I utter before dealing with something uncomfortable. The pointless meanderings on Facebook just to access some fleeting digital connection with someone I might never talk to otherwise.

Words are practically free.

Can you really waste something that costs so little?

Can you crash your own pity party?

That's probably why Blogs were invented, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

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