Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Support Staff

There is something wrong with my little guinea pig Lucy. My wife and I think she may have suffered a stroke. From what my wife could find online, it's pretty rare for this type of animal to have this problem. All the symptoms match, which makes it hard to conclude anything else.

As I held Lucy and tried to make her comfortable, I couldn't find something of what I needed to help her. I totally lost it. After practically tearing the house apart looking for what I needed, property damage included, I realized I'd lost all ability to be rational. As Lucy has gotten older, I've been slowly succumbing to the dread of having to bury another pet.

Monstrous am I when I give into despair.

Lucy is part of my support staff. Before her stroke, she listened to my problems, watched TV with me, and comforted me when I was distraught. When I look into her eyes now, it's like she isn't there. She's no longer ticklish, won't eat much, and drinks even less. When I set her down on the ground she wanders about weakly as if she doesn't recognize the house.

I hope she recovers. I don't know what I'll do if she doesn't.

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