Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sitting in the Dark

I've poked a few pixels for my WP7 project lately and find myself looking back at everything I've put forward to that, and other projects. It is the things that I have had to do over and over, revise, iterate, and otherwise refine that stand out as the best works. I never seem to get things right the first time, and often, it takes five or six revisions for something to really shine.

I turned the brightness on my monitors down to about half and shut all the lights off in the house, save one in the family room. My wife's guinea pig is afraid of the dark. I'm writing this to take a break from another large document that nears completion of a strong second draft. It's discouraging to know that even after I've printed it for inspection tonight, I'll probably revisit the same project two or three more times.

Had a long conversation with a colleague about the frustration of dealing with someone who is just in love with writing or designing. The Dreamers who have a natural talent for creativity but no ability to refine what they do into something consumable by others. It's the idea of being a creative person that drives them, not the grim knowledge that comes with actually doing the work.

I envy and resent people who can create without cross-consulting with others and just conjure ideas. I have had to craft tools, devise methods, and have the humility to ask for help for the little of success I've enjoyed over the last thirteen months. I wish I could just create things while working inside a bubble.

I can't, but working in the dark helps.

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