Friday, July 23, 2010

Standing Out

Put a link on my site today allowing people to download the Actor's Guidebook for my Storytelling Sciences RPG. I intend to eventually publish and link it all under a Creative Commons, no derivatives license. It's really hard to put something out there, that you've worked so hard on, spent hours testing, for free, allowing anyone to download and look at it. My play test crew will all get a hard copy, hand bound by yours truly, but it feels good to let go of it a little.

I had held so tightly to that project, had so many good memories associated with it, and spent so much time with my friends getting it just right... it's hard to share. Feels good to let it go though, everything I've put into it. I can close the door on that project one book at a time and let it stand out there on it's own. As I publish novels, I'll also put out RPG setting books allowing people to run RPGs in those same worlds. They'll be able to look and see how everything works, the SS technical language making all plain.

I think there are some mysteries that I've already written about, those things in life you can't quantify, that'll always be guarded secrets. Not by me. Just things we weren't meant to understand in this life.

I like not knowing.

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  1. We will understand everything in this life that we need to understand. There are gifts of knowledge and "packets of help" waiting all along the way. Our fears are the guideposts that point the way for us to walk.