Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project Update

By my own reckoning I'm:

50% of the way through the 2nd draft of my first D&E book.

25% of the way through the 1st draft of my second D&E book

30% of the way through the 1st draft of my Amnesia Project.

90% (and hovering) on my SS RPG.

I still have six good months this year to finish these projects and publish them. I'm having a really good feeling about the progress I've made recently and look forward to marking up an outline for a book containing several short stories about Grubbs and Nippy. I think there's a lot of good stories to tell in the 15 years previous to Sephone becoming a Sheepdog.

I'm going to put up something about my outline and development process for novels. I'm thinking I'll start steering away from this blog relative to certain projects and put that information on my website. Not for any particular reason, it just helps me keep things compartmentalized in my head. I keep doodling for my web comic, but none of the concepts I've done so far really grab me. I like the outcome, but the strip would take too damned long between updates. I'm a slooow painter/drawer person.

Regardless, I feel like good things loom in the immediate future.

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