Saturday, December 18, 2010

Notion Ink Adam

From reading their blog and watching the videos, this device could be a serious contender in the tablet market, particularly in enterprise. I don't see this being a person's first mobile computing device, as it looks marvelously complex. All those people who didn't buy an iPad because it wasn't driven by a cursor or festooned with ports will probably look hard at this device.

The most expensive one doesn't break $600. That's huge.

They claim it'll have 15 hours of battery life. At 1.6 pounds? This would be awesome... but I doubt it's true.

8GB Flash Memory. This seems low, but it has all sorts of ports to plug external storage into.

Transflective (65FPS) Screen. Wish you had a device that could deliver the iPad's multimedia experience and the Nook's readability? Allegedly, this device has screen technology at work that does just that. Color me skeptical.

Aesthetically, it's very hard edge and industrial looking. It looks like you could hold the thing, drive it with a small wireless mouse, and never have to wipe it down... and wipe down... and wipe it down... and... huhh

Link & Stinky Low-Quality Video:

Notion Ink

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