Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Accounting of Almost

I have so many things I've been working on since summer that are in the final phase. Literally a week devoted to one or the other would top off one thing or another. The process of building yourself up as a creative person amounts as much to one's portfolio as it does to their confidence in creating it.

I look at the false starts, the first drafts and the outlines and I desperately want to have a completed work. Objectively, fourteen months isn't long enough to have garnered the expertise to revise my own works. Literally, I want to be my own worst enemy and critic, but I lack the experience.

I acquired an Oxford Classical Dictionary from Trip Taylor's Booksellers. It's what I really needed to start approaching the very arcane writing style I approached in my first work. There is only so much Shakespeare and Tennyson one can read before you realize you'll have to coin your own phrases and words as they did to express yourself.

The weight of not being finished with my first or second book is a heavy burden made lighter by certain realizations. I'm a vastly better writer than I was even six months ago. Waiting was difficult, but the right choice. I was blessed to have other creative endeavors to occupy me during that time.

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