Friday, December 17, 2010

Indie Developers, Mobile Applications

When you're a kid, if you're lucky, you'll have your first experience building something with other people. Your crew will gather together with whatever they could find hanging around their father's workshop or their mother's sewing rooms. Then, in a quiet place you'll build that go cart, fort, or handful of wooden swords and have marvelous fun in the aftermath.

Indie Game Development is like that.

We aren't working out of a cubical farm or under the thumb of penny pinchers and bureaucrats worried about what the stock holders will think. We are our own audience, and we're creating something that is to entertain ourselves. To that end we must to know to the end of the project, it is for us to enjoy alone.

Indie Game Development is pure and completely ethical selfishness.

Our first fort wouldn't keep out the rain. Never could find four wheels the same size for that go-cart. Only the wooden sword my brother made of oak survived the fullness of our backyard battlefield. The memories I built are far more valuable to me.

Indie Game Development isn't perfect. Thank God for that.


  1. And boy is it work! When you start out it's so easy to have stars in your eyes imagining how awesome it will be in the end. Of course that has parallels to yesteryear as well... Has anyone else tried to dig a hole to China?