Thursday, April 7, 2011

Epictitus and Death

"What wouldst thou be found doing when overtaken by Death? If I might choose, I would be found doing some deed of true humanity, of wide import, beneficent and noble. But if I may not be found engaged in aught so lofty, let me hope at least for this—what none may hinder, what is surely in my power—that I may be found raising up in myself that which had fallen; learning to deal more wisely with the things of sense; working out my own tranquillity, and thus rendering that which is its due to every relation of life…."

I think about this often relative to the people I've lost and the people I will inevitably lose in this life. I rarely contemplate my own death. It could be tomorrow or in fifty years. All things are finite regardless.

All we can do is live every one of those moments as well as we can.

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