Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Days - Post 200

My blog was only one of a number of things I'd avoided over the last month or so. I had to take some time to search my soul without being able to simply abandon my thoughts on a blog, in a journal or thinly veiled in the fiction I write. I didn't reach any monumental conclusions or, in my life, repair a single thing that is broken.

I need a desk set-up that will allow me to stand while I work. Trying to write in the volume I know I'm capable of requires that I address a couple of truths.

1. Humans weren't designed to sit in a chair for eight hours a day and poke keys on a keyboard.
2. Humans were designed to survive attacks from sabertooth tigers, wander the globe, find food, and tell stories around a fire. They were not designed to be writers.

I need to spend as much time reading as I do writing. Some of my limited "sitting time" needs to be devoted to that end. As for a work station I can stand at while I type, there's no easy solution. I either need to build my own or drop a grand on a Geek Desk. The game table I built works marvelously as a workspace because I can write on it.

I think I'd miss that.

Building a frame that would elevate my existing workspace might be the answer in that regard. Too bad I have no idea how to do something like that, nor do I possess the tools. This I will further ponder.

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