Friday, August 13, 2010

Raging Rickshaw

Last night, I joined a team of guys working a TBS game for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

I'm really excited to be doing something that resides within Mobile OS/Device industry and that I get to work with my childhood friend. I remember when he and I would trade basic code back and forth, running through each other's choose-your-own adventure style games. This time around, I'll leave the coding to him, the design largely to someone else, and I'll be focusing on the visuals.

Tried like heck to avoid doing anything with my art or my web design skills (such as they are) besides push my own product. The only thing that makes it okay this time around is that I'm pushing a product and working with people I can believe in.

As always, my novel writing will continue to be my focus. My only regret is that so many other small projects I enjoy will probably get shoved to the back burner until the game reaches release. Even if it isn't successful, I think we'll still keep trying to break into the mobile app market. They future is a bright, if not incredibly busy place all of a sudden.

Update: Added a link to the Raging Rickshaw Website to my blog. (Left, below the picture of the dazed and confused guy.) Clickorz!

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