Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reflecting on 05/11/10 -> 05/15/10

Writing 25,000 words in a week isn't really a new thing for me. In Courier 12 with 1" margins it translates roughly to 100 pages. When I had four tables, I wrote that and more between prep and recording notes and research for my novel. Turning my full attention toward a single project has really illuminated how quickly someone could write a novel. I genuinely thought it would be impossible for someone to write a decent work of fiction in a month. The closer I get to having actually done it, the more I ponder what I'll do next month.

I really want to finish the work on my RPG, and spend a lot of my time painting for that project. I have a number of pieces I've promised to friends and relatives that I need to complete as well.

Part of me thinks I should take my momentum and just start writing the second D&E novel. I think that juggling that task while trying to promote the first one would be seriously draining though. If everyone utterly hates the first one, spending my time writing a second one would probably be a waste of time. The anxiety that comes with pouring yourself into a creative work is high. I couldn't even take criticism from my wife the other night, I just felt utterly broken in the wake of it.

I need to make the time to view the DvDs my mom got me too. They are supposed to help people who want to make a living writing, but I know if I look at them I'll doubt everything I've done so far, possess a profound desire to throw it away, and start over.

Eye on the prize.

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