Thursday, March 4, 2010


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Someone who offers and argument in the defense of something controversial.

I'm sitting just past the six month mark since I decided to start writing to live. I have done so many things in that time I didn't think I would. The other side of the coin? There are a like number of things I expected to have conquered by now... but haven't. I could make all sorts of excuses, but the reality is that the preparation required to write three novels goes far beyond what I thought necessary. I learned something from the whole thing to be sure.

Life is short. I look at how hard I've worked, and what I was able to accomplish in the span six months. The perspective one garners in the wake of such an experience is like... well, staring into the maw of your own mortality. I hope that I grow faster at my craft as time goes on, and that I can quickly finish these three books, and move on to the next endeavor. More to the point, I should probably start thinking about what that will be exactly.

I've really enjoyed writing and drawing my web comic, but I'm horribly self-conscious about my artwork. It might end up being like so many things I write or create, saved to a directory on my backup hard drive and forgotten. Along the same lines, I bought a domain and parked it on my mobile me account as the host. I'm not yet confident enough with Dreamweaver, so I've been building a piddly personal page in iWeb. A place to organize my thoughts relative to my Storytelling Sciences System might be nice... password protected and so forth. I should probably make up my mind about that.

I hope my furniture from IKEA shows up soon. My workspace isn't as comfortable as I like.

Think I'll count my blessings now.

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