Sunday, November 29, 2009

Officers Down

Just read the article about the four fallen Lakewood Police Officers. Every time I read about a fallen Police Officer it really gets to me in a way that isn't rational. I'm angry, like I can't think of enough horrible things I'd like to see happen to the person or persons responsible. I'm sad, the terrible loss to the families, the department where the officers worked, and the community at large. Then I think about all the people who, for various reasons, have an irrational hatred of the Police.

Maybe there is nothing rational about the relationship between Law Enforcement and the Public?

I think most folks living in the US have little perspective when it comes to how the Police should operate, who the bad guys really are, and what each citizen should do to keep their own communities safe. Coming up through High School, there's like one government class that talks about local and state politics, and virtually nothing that teaches young people about national politics, Law Enforcement, or international affairs. It's like we've created the perfect storm of ignorance and indifference in young people.

Grappling with powerlessness in the face of criminality is the standard in the US. Most of the time, regular folks aren't in the right place at the right time to take a stand. Read an article about a civilian who apprehended a suspect fleeing a high speed chase the other day. I marvel at how the criminal was willing to run from a group of armed officers, but surrendered to a single armed citizen. Who do the criminals fear more? ...and rightly so?

I should probably get my conceal carry permit.

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