Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Uroboros Saga Update - Feb 2015

Moments before writing this I was struggling to get the revised versions of Book 1 up on Amazon. It wasn't smooth, as the Kindle review feature wasn't working. Fortunately, everything seems okay on the Print Side. Should be able to order copies and see updates in a couple of days, hopefully.

Book 2 is likely ready to go. I'm still reviewing files, but I've got time while I wait to see the outcome with Book 1. I've ever updated a book interior or cover this way before. I think as long as I don't vary the format assigned the ISBN all will be well.

Book 3 is still getting kicked around both on my side and by the pixel pixies at Red Couch Creative. I need to alter some cover assets.

All the stuff for Book 4 has gone over to Red Couch Creative as of this morning. I think. Maybe. Elle might kick back the new cover asset for revision. We'll see.

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