Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marriage Equality, A Rant

I'm just going to launch straight into my rant.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that traditional marriage is actually under attack as many people claim. Sinister forces are conspiring to destroy it as a practice and an institution within our society. People of conscience everywhere should band together in its defense striking down the offending influences with all of their hate. 

Obviously, one would want to start with the most provocative and dangerous threat first before moving on to deal with other lesser adversaries. If this is true why are people even in opposition to same-sex couples seeking marriage? 

Let's look at the math. 

Somewhere around 2 million people get married in the United States every year, with 50% of those ending in divorce. Since 2004, roughly 75,000 same sex couples have been allowed to get married. For purposes of comparison, for every same sex couple "attacking" the holy sanctity of marriage there are about 125 traditional couples trampling it with divorce. 

Who was the enemy of traditional marriage again? Also, why are same-sex couples the enemy of traditional marriage in the first place? Because they can't have children? There are plenty of straight couples who can't have kids or choose not to, and what about the elderly who decide to marry late in life? 

"It says in the Bible... one man, and one woman."

That's great, but passing a law that defines marriage in a way congruent with your holiest beliefs breaks one of the Ten Commandments. There is no larger graven image than a law governing millions of people. Sacrilege seems to have become as accepted as the practice of divorce in certain religious circles. 

No big deal I guess?

"We just want to protect our kids." 

And for this you need the government's help? You can't grant your children basic dignity or instill them with a sense of right and wrong? You do not possess the language skills to explain to them the array of choices they have in this life and guide them toward one suitable for them? 

DO NOT HAVE (ANY MORE) KIDS. Please, and thank you. 

"This is an attack on my religious freedom."

Same-sex couples getting married is going to...

...prevent you from attending church?
...practicing your faith or praying in private?
...displaying iconography or trinkets relative to your beliefs?
...speaking to others about your faith?
...maintaining your faith relative to your own family and stewardship?

Oh really? When exactly is this going to happen?

Looking at the proposed marriage equality laws, there doesn't appear to be any text indicating that any faith or religion will be barred from Constitutional protections. Bigots and enlightened folks alike will be able to head to the institutional edifices of their faith and do exactly what they've always been able to do.

"I should be able to deny same-sex couples service or access to my business on religious grounds."

You're going to conduct your very secular and worldly business according to your sacred religious beliefs?

Excellent plan! Do you plan to keep all adulterers out of your place of business and interrogate each customer to that end? If you're serious about keeping people out who have committed that particular sin, one needs to be thorough. 

"It will legitimize something I see as sinful."

Oh, you mean like how the Super Bowl is the single biggest event with regard to promoting human trafficking in the United States? Your football game presses nearly ten thousand human beings (including kids) into the sex trade each year, but you're still worried about what Bob and Frank next door might be doing in private?

Basically, the 12 billion dollar human slavery business in this country is perfectly fine... as long as there is a football game to go with it? So, if the gay community started their own football league, that'd be all it would take for their "sinful" behavior to be accepted? 


Well heck, that was easy.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Good reasoning, well-written, loved it.