Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leaving Boise

I'm leaving.

Well, my wife, our guinea pigs, some of our stuff, and hopefully my 71' Oldsmobile are leaving. It's a strange sensation to pledge myself to the task of leaving Boise. It has been my home for almost twenty-five years, a long time to live anywhere.

We'll be moving to Wichita, Kansas sometime in April and we'll be gone at least a year. Why Wichita? The opportunity Liz has, in the form of a job, is too great to pass up. It'll be neat to be closer to some family and friends that live in that end of the country as well.

My goal is to pack really light and head down there with only what I couldn't possibly give away, toss out, or donate to a worthy cause. I'm a pretty minimalistic guy in a lot of ways, and not so much in others. I've already thrown away some things that I've kept for far too long, and rediscovered a few things that I've missed.

The move and the two months preceding it will disrupt my work. However, I should get caught up and well ahead of my current goals by having a year largely unfettered by many of the things that make me happy. It'll be a productive time, but a sad time. I keep telling myself it will only be a year, but life has a way of taking us in directions we can't alway expect. Few of my friends that drifted away from Boise were ever able to return. I hope my situation is different, down the road, and that I'll be able to return and at least visit often.

On the upside, there are two IKEA retail locations along the route I'll be taking to Kansas.


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  1. well, thats bittersweet news! In my search for work I have tried hard to stay home as well. I've lived other places for short periods of time but I love Boise, even tho it is more crowded now than ever! haha.

    good luck you you guys! Im glad that you have found good opportunity for your family!!!