Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 2012

A thousand words worth.


  1. im going to take a stab at this.

    dictation? mebbe?

    the words i can read intrigue me. is this for a game? a book?

    also, Id be interested in your thought about word processing on the ipad. my brother wants to get one instead of a laptop for school. he isn't a heavy user as far as big programs for school. basic word processing, etc.

    i pointed him towards other non apple stuff, but i just don't know enough about tablets right now, as im not even close to being int he market

    but i digress.

    the mystery of this post consumes me.

    1. It's a novel. The handwritten bit are my editing notes and the screen is displaying a digital copy. Editing that and my other novels has been all I've done for the last few months and I'm a bit exasperated at times. The picture seemed better than an update saying, "yep I'm still editing text". I type everything by hand, no voice dictation... although it is really handy on my Window Phone. :-)

      The iPad is the only tablet to buy (in my humble opinion) for word processing because of it's high resolution 4:3 screen ratio display. Everyone else is making a tablets with HD-esque format displays which means less room top to bottom in landscape for the soft keyboard and your textual content to coexist. My wife used hers all through her Master's degree to write papers and I use mine several hours a day to generate and format text.

      That said, the iPad has limits. Your brother might find himself emailing his papers to himself and printing them out at the library. The iPad will only print over WiFi to handful of printers currently. Some web forms in the browser don't work properly, and it isn't Adobe Flash (a security risk anyway) capable so you'll miss out on some videos and ads. Other than that, it should serve as well as any laptop, and probably better in lots of ways.

    2. cool thanks for the reply. Are you only posting stuff about your book here on your blog? Id be interested in reading it someday...

    3. I'm still writing the third in that series, then I have to go back and back edit the other two. It'll be awhile. :-/