Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amnesia Project

Last year I wrote a novella about a guy with amnesia (yeah, another one) that turned into a Storytelling Sciences setting. I wasn't really sure what to do with it. Having spent the last couple of days going back through everything I wrote toward the project, I feel like it needs picked up again. After a short conversation with a couple of friends it sounds like I may have a couple of interested readers.

Aside from the clarity one gains looking at their work one year later, it's an enjoyable read. All the pressure I placed on myself back then to write the book in the first place has evaporated. Just me and the text.

The novella is ten chapters written from the perspective of the three main characters, each taking their turn to tell the story. I really like having to switch gears as a writer to do this, but I'm not sure my readers will agree. Even if the first book isn't that great, it'll help me firmly establish those characters in my mind and portray them better in subsequent books.

I may not even publish the first novella for that reason. Yeah, see my other posts about the preparatory writing one does to actually pen that commercial work. Given that each of the characters are so decidedly separate from your standard person made up of human experiences, the process has begun to make more sense in that regard.

I had hoped to have readable copies by tonight but I want to actually finish the novella. Comparing my outline to what I actually have, I'm something like 12,000 words shy of my target length, two days of work. Guess I'll have to see if anyone is up for weekend coffee and some cheesy science fiction.

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  1. I am always up for weekend coffee and cheesy science fiction! :-)